What are the basic
requirements in Crypto Market?


Unique executable projects

Fundamentally strong Brick & Mortar projects which need genuine funding & can deliver handsome return in mid-term to long term.


Master Mind team

Team of competent consultants, Developers, Entrepreneurs & Blockchain specialist who can Approve & invest in Right coins & Right project (ICO & actual projects).


Good PMS system

Well researched and great potential
ideas which can multiply the wealth
of investors.


August 927 platform allows people to come and share their new concepts regarding crypto, and Blockchain based business idea. Our panel members will study the concept, and if our panel members likes the concept, then our governance body will fund that project.

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Project Voting

The panel member will vote and earn rewards from voting process. This will be performed to the highest standards of acceptable legal contract law.

Authenticating Project

The members will Study and authenticate the project for august funding. (for which they will be rewarded with tokens)


The entire process is transparent and our platform provides for the integrity of these actions.

Final acceptance and contract

August 927 will negotiate all final contracts with ICO candidates. This will be performed to the highest standards of acceptable legal contract law. After negotiations, the final form of the contract will be documented and signed by all concerned and witnessed and notarized thoroughly. All team members and relevant personnel from the ICO will express acceptance of the contract document.

Project will be only accepted from following industry

Govt. Sector

What is benefit for our token holders

Panel members

A total of 100 Panel Members will be there. Out of them, 35% of the Panel Members will be from Blockchain development space, 35% Panel Members from Cryptocurrency and ICO industry and the remaining 30% will originate from various industries, such as venture capital, legal, share market, marketing experts, production management, banking and non-banking sector & IT development.

August 927 Platform will give 5000 tokens to each panel members for joining our platform as advisors. All panel members will have the right to suggest a concept to the platform. An individual panel member can submit more than one concept. When this happens, the other panel members and stakeholders will vote on both concepts and the highest voted concept will be eligible for funding from August platform.

Our platform will give 5000 tokens reward to the concept promoter.; our panel members and Stakeholders will be rewarded for voting. Only those people will get rewards whose project concept gets the highest vote.

Future Projects

ABG (August Business Group)

August Business Group will have a minimum of 30 different types of professions representatives. They will meet once a week and share views and ideas with group members.

These referral inquiries will help the participating people to reduce their overall marketing activity. Our trainers will train the participating individuals to grow their business utilizing the help of other group members.

We will develop a software for the group, where they can see the business opportunities from around the world, wherever August Group has a presence. Our target is to create 27,000 group members all around the globe. Members of August Business Group will be charged a yearly subscription fee for joining the group, which will be in August token only.

August Pay

August Pay will be an Exchange Cum Payment gateway. In this app, user can use wallet balance to buy and sell coins from August Pay exchange by using their wallet balance. The August Pay will be used for normal transaction to buy tea, coffee and other items.

  • August Pay will have their own online mobile mall. Users can buy items by paying August token. If they pay by August token, then August Pay will give them cash back up to 10%.
  • We are planning to launch August Pay in more than 27 countries in couple of years.
Peer to peer exchange
(zero transaction fee for our token holder)
Blockchain research center
(for talented techie)
August pay
(august mobile app)


Total Token Supply

Token Price =

$ 0.36 USD

Minimum Token Purchase =

1 Token

Soft Cap =


Hard Cap =


Ends In


Token Distribution

  • Pre TGE
  • Close group
  • TGE
Close Group 2 Million 13th June - 18th July 2018 30%
Pre TGE 3 Million 19th July - 12th Sep 2018 20%
TGE ROUND-1 6 Million 13th Sep - 13th Oct 2018 15%
TGE ROUND-2 10 Million 14th Oct - 24th Nov 2018 10%
TGE ROUND-3 6 Million 25th Nov - 25th Dec 2018 0%

Road Map


We are real team and team is our strength

Professional Experts

we are proud of our great team. They are one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Mr. Mangesh Sonawane

(CEO & Co-Founder)

Mr. Mangesh Sonawane is a Businessman from last 12 years ... Read more

CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Mangesh Sonawane

Mr. Mangesh Sonawane is a Businessman from last 12 years. Total 19 years from HVAC & R. Industry. Operating software company from last year. 1.5 years experience in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He is the person who working on PMS from last year's. He is studying venture capital industry from 2008.


Vasily Alexeev

( Technical Advisor )

More than 11 years in commercial software ... Read more


Vasily Alexeev

More than 11 years in commercial software development and marketing, including 7 years of working with fintech projects. CEO of UpTrader, a provider of software for ICOs and brokers. Vasily has launched successful ICOs and technology infrastructures for financial companies from the ground up.


Debra McCann

(Blockchain Advisor)

A recognized technology leader known for her strategic ... Read more

Blockchain Advisor

Debra McCann

A recognized technology leader known for her strategic vision to achieve business goals, Debra offers a unique blend of developing, implementing, and managing strategies for ensuring Blockchain company growth and expansion. She specializes in executing digital innovation initiatives including the development and testing of new business models and the use of emerging technologies. Debra promotes the adoption of Blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our Blockchain Community.


Mr. Raman Bansal

( Business Strategy Advisore )

Raman Bansal possesses 15 years of vast experience ... Read more

Business Strategy Advisore

Mr. Raman Bansal

Raman Bansal possesses 15 years of vast experience across domains of Business Excellence. Having worked across almost all functions of a typical business, he brings adequate width and depth of knowledge which is required for any organization to grow. Having worked closely with top leadership and executed the multiple on-ground projects of MNCs and Indian companies in the sector of automobile, consumer durables, telecom, petroleum, media house and retail, he can support both strategically and operationally, nurture the organization intrinsically, stimulate the hidden power optimally and challenge the status quo reasonably. Plus his personal interest and investment experience in crypto currency world brings an added advantage.

He is currently employed as a senior executive in one of the largest group of India in a corporate role. His qualifications include a degree in Mechanical Engineering, dual PGDBA in Operations and Marketing, besides he has acquired multiple certifications and attended various programs during his career.


Cristian ROMAN

( Global strategy officer )

Global Strategy Officer (GSO) at AUGUST IT SOLUTIONS ... Read more

Global strategy officer

Cristian ROMAN



Sanjay Mohanty

( Chief Financial Officer )

Business Analyst at WC | Forex Trader (Tech Analyst) ... Read more

Chief Financial Officer

Sanjay Mohanty

Business Analyst at WC | Forex Trader (Tech Analyst) | Crypto Enthusiast | Corporate Liasoning | Crypto Trader | ICO Advisor


Randall Humphries

( Technology )

Randy is a multi-faceted leader in originating ... Read more


Randall Humphries

Randy is a multi-faceted leader in originating creative schemes for marketing new businesses and new directions in the cryptocurrency venue. Because of his decade's long experience in innovative direct marketing throughout a multitude of formats, he is able to adapt individual client needs to sound long-term marketing projects. In particular, he has taken on the role of advisor for Blockchain companies, specializing in the Initial Coin Offerings of those groups, enabling entrepreneurs and investors to find their common grounds and bring their projects to successful conclusions.


Carmen Boitano

( Marketing )

Carmen is a dynamic and results orientated marketing ... Read more


Carmen Boitano

Carmen is a dynamic and results orientated marketing executive who drives ideas towards implementation. Her role is to ensure that clients are informed and supported by targeted branding efforts and extensive global coverage across multiple different media outlets. Carmen will provide inventive ideas about how to use PR and social media in new and engaging ways. She will develop and maintain a comprehensive PR and social media strategy that defines how marketing techniques will be applied to increase visibility.


Chenae McCann

(Community Manager)

Chenae designs and executes marketing ... Read more

Community Manager

Chenae McCann

Chenae designs and executes marketing campaigns aimed at building brand awareness through strategic social media engagement and strong community interaction. As Community Manager, she has the responsibility of establishing trust, gaining exposure, and building brand identity. With her creativity and background in web design and photography she will paint the picture needed to stand out and be recognized amongst the biggest names in this competitive market. A Blockchain community specialist, Chenae has contributed to the success of multiple ICOs.


Robert Knowlton

(Financial Advisor)

A savvy leader who positions himself at ... Read more

Financial Advisor

Robert Knowlton

A savvy leader who positions himself at the edge of the latest technologies, Robert has a keen mind for financial analysis and strategic planning. He heads projects designed to drive the future of financial systems, improve the crypto ecosystem, and push the boundaries of Blockchain technology and tokenization. Robert is passionate about the use of technology to empower Blockchain businesses, promote access and transparency, and enable economic and financial inclusion.


Jeremy Shepard

(Marketing Advisor)

Jeremy specializes in connecting the ... Read more

Marketing Advisor

Jeremy Shepard

Jeremy specializes in connecting the most promising crypto projects to a network of investors from around the globe. Based on Blockchain technology, he also brings marketing activities between brands and social media to a whole new level of transparency and interaction. Jeremy is a pro at reaching new audiences and building valuable relationships with the media and other influencers and creating brand advocates. As Marketing Advisor, Jeremy will cultivate relationships with digital influencers.


Joshua Curtis

(Blockchain Developer)

Joshua is highly skilled in technical writing and very... Read more

Blockchain Developer

Joshua Curtis

Joshua is highly skilled in technical writing and very knowledgeable in the innovations of Blockchain technology. He is an expert in devising Blockchain platforms that are secure, scalable, simple to work with, and that are highly effective. Josh specializes in platforms that are designed for decentralization, anonymity and resistance to forgery. He is also a top technical specialist who provides support to ICO startups as well as established Blockchain companies. Josh has excellent problem solving and communicating skills that allows him to solve technical related problems quickly and efficiently.


Monica Plum

(Accounting & Finance)

Monica is a recognized technical leader in the... Read more

Accounting & Finance

Monica Plum

Monica is a recognized technical leader in the application of Blockchain technologies to business problems. With experience in software development, business process management and mobile technology, she brings depth, context, and a passion for innovation to the Blockchain space. Monica is a strategic planner with both consulting and entrepreneurial experience in the financial sector. She specializes in company growth and expansion using innovative financial strategies. She creates and implements customized, goal-focused plans to support specific business and financial objectives.


Suryaprakash Chanyal

( Operational Manager )

I am Suryaprakash Chanyal, working with ... Read more

Operational Manager

Suryaprakash Chanyal

I am Suryaprakash Chanyal, working with Lucky Deep Group for last 5 years and currently heading August IT Solutions Pte Ltd as the operational manager. I have a combined experience of more than 15 years working in supply chain industry and I'm one of the early investor and very active and outspoken member of the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry, frequently commenting on issues like scalability, privacy, and mining technology from last 2 years. I am also into the venture capital industry and conducting a research on the same for past 2 years.


Shashank Kausadikar

( Technical Architect )

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated ... Read more

Technical Architect

Shashank Kausadikar

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Requirements Analysis, Hibernate, Spring Framework, jQuery, and Databases. Strong engineering professional graduated from Pune University.


Quizha Abarro

( Community Manager )

Community Manager

Quizha Abarro

Coming soon..


Sunil Salve

( UI Developer )

9+ years of professional experience in ... Read more

UI Developer

Sunil Salve

9+ years of professional experience in Website Designing/Development Industry. Web Templates Designing/Development as per Web 2.0 Standards as well as W3C Standards. Excellent command on HTML4, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Twitter Bootstrap & Foundation Framework, Cross-Browser Compatibility.Also have expertise on whole Adobe Creative Suite. Involved in various projects based on jQuery & JavaScript. Great passion of creativity, interests in learning new things, good grasping power. Always ready for adventures and challenges, quick in grasping new things.

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